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Designing for Architects at BGSU

It’s not every day that architects are given the opportunity to design for future architects. Recently, this uniquely challenging and rewarding experience came about for SHP when Bowling Green State...

Schools and the Future of Work

Education Week recently released a multi-part special report on the future of work that shares sobering stories on many things SHP has long-been advocating: the need for school systems designed...

Safety Is a Prerequisite for Education

...place for learning and growing, not a place for weapons. Making schools safer is at the heart of a new white paper from SHP Leading Design. We have developed a...
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Beyond Expectations

...done within the budget, and in fact, was delivered beyond all expectations,” but that is what SHP heard about our work on the new Department of Architecture for Bowling Green...
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Reducing Emissions and Making Changes

...year over year. SHP Leading Design signed up for the AIA 2030 Commitment in 2009, and has consequently been analyzing and reporting the projected energy use of the projects we...

Going Green

...requires tremendous expertise as well as an integrated team approach to make the most of your choices. It’s important to remember that each green choice can have implications for other...
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Developing Brand Through Facility Design

...retention. When the college looked to expand its environmental and engineering technology, energy, information technology and allied health programs, it turned to SHP Leading Design to design a new facility....
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An Irresistible School: The Ridgemont Story

...story offers many lessons for anyone looking to improve their schools and their community. SHP has just published a book about this journey: IRRESISTIBLE, A story of how passionate leadership...