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The Pandemic Through a Liberal-Arts Lens

It’s hard not to draw inspiration from Amy Bass and her colleagues at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. As she explains in her recent Hechinger Report op-ed: “What Covid-19 may...

Josh Predovich Celebrates 20th Anniversary

...and/or its outcome.” In his role at SHP, Josh’s daily responsibilities include managing client relationships, master planning and educational visioning. But what excites him most about his career is the...

What Is a Playground For?

What is a playground for? Fun, certainly. Exploration, without a doubt. Discovery and curiosity, yes and yes! Whatever the answer to this question, it is clear a playground should not...

Is the Safe Choice the Right Choice?

Recently, I attended a conference at the University of Cincinnati on Surfaces. The conference was put together to honor Jay Chatterjee the former dean of the College of Design, Art,...

Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...training in logistics? How can educational institutions step up their current collaborations with communities, hospitals, businesses, governments and more to truly understand unique industry needs… and start preparing for them,...