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SHPodcast: 2021 Workplace Design Takeaways

...going back to the way it was – employees have experienced the benefits of flexibility, autonomy and personal accountability. To respond to these forces, employee engagement and workplace strategy should...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

...buildings, we engage in similar client and end-user engagement and research for all SHP Leading Design projects, including education and workplace design. Dedicating time and resources to understanding our client...

The Future of Work: Effectiveness and Productivity

...when employees return to their workplaces—and they will return—there will be new expectations for how their workplaces facilitate the new definition of productivity. Workplaces around the globe will be pressured...

The Rise of Gamers and a Lesson for Designers

...it can also be a powerful tool for improving learning, working and living. In particular, gaming may be a cure for the constantly low employee engagement scores as measured by...

Unspoken Trends in Workplace Design

got a kick out of reading comments from six esteemed and diverse professionals from the broader workplace community on what to expect of the workplace 10 years from now.  ...

Fostering Workplace Passion Through Learning

and more employees expect opportunities to learn and grow in their workplace. Businesses are finding that workplace learning initiatives are not only beneficial for their employees, but are vital for...

The Class of 2033: A Series Introduction

...  Virtual Learning: Here to Stay. For Good. What COVID has made abundantly clear is that online and distant learning can work. Yes, there are issues to be worked through:...