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Unspoken Trends in Workplace Design

...the multi-generational workforce, employee well-being, the privacy crisis, corporate learning and professional development, and the like. In the spaces we create with our clients, those forces are undeniable and very...

Well Design at Work

...standard fitness center for a corporate site of 1,200 people. Also, to promote stair use over elevator use, the developer of the build-to-suite core and shell built the stair towers...

The Rise of Gamers and a Lesson for Designers

While the global growth of online gamers has slowed in recent years to about 5.5% annually, it still dramatically outpaces global population growth, which sits at just about 1%. Using...

The Generation Games: Clues to the Future of Work?

...taking chunks out of the corporate reality the previous four generations applied their skill and strengths to build. Imagine a type of wearable technology that is parallel to the sword...