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How Much Is This Gonna Cost?

...inextricably linked. And priorities differ from community to community, school to school, situation to situation. This why we ask lots of questions—of you, your fellow leaders and even your community—about...

SHP Student Voice

his design work, his experience includes educational visioning, master planning, and programming of numerous educational building programs. He is known for developing designs that meet a school’s educational vision for...

COVID-19: An Opening for CTE to Take the Mantle

...they would like to get more real-world skills and know-how during high school. In addition, only 11% of business leaders think our current education system effectively prepares students for success...

Building Better Brains

...book Our Kids, they are self-perpetuating. Lack of access to opportunity imposes hardships that, in turn, make it even more difficult to access opportunities. Despite a 50-year effort to eliminate...