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Building Better Brains

This is where the story becomes optimistic. The impact of all of these tools is additive: Four or eight hours spent in a high-quality early childhood learning environment makes a...

How Healthy is Your Building?

...advantage of daylighting; beautiful, centrally placed stairs that invite movement; abundant connections to nature through easily accessible, functional outdoor spaces; and quick-and-easy access to clean, cold drinking water at numerous...

What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

...Let’s look at each of these as they pertain to early childhood outdoor learning environments. Tactile Experiences As infants, we begin to explore being alive by taking things into our...

The Fun in Blended Learning Environments

Over the past two summers I have had the joy of working with Northwest Local Schools to design blended learning labs at Northwest and Colerain High Schools. Blended learning incorporates...

How Much Is This Gonna Cost?

“How much is this gonna cost?” With budgets stretched thin and the value of a dollar ever in flux, it should come as no surprise that the question, “How much...