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Are Makerspaces this Generation’s Computer Lab?

interesting question: “Are makerspaces this generation’s computer labs?” Could makerspaces soon become extinct? My initial response as a maker was “No way!” But, after some consideration, I think this idea...

Community Colleges: One Path to a Better America

The horrific death of George Floyd has most everyone thinking about how we can make our country more equitable for all . There are, unfortunately, no shortage of systemic shortcomings...

What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

soft-spoken boy near the back raised his hand. “Yes, what does your playground feel like?” I asked, as I gestured toward him. He answered, “Calm. A place that is quiet...

The Meaning and Purpose of Scale

...early childhood education. To these young people, everything is a miracle – trees are so tall, the school building is so big, the books are so heavy. With vast imaginations...