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Small Changes in School Design Make a Huge Difference

After years of change in education, it’s widely regarded as fact that when teachers collaborate with one another, everyone benefits. Collaboration provides teachers with an emotional and professional support...

Four Reasons Why Libraries are as Important as Ever

Libraries are a vibrant, essential part of local communities and places of learning. That’s why, like many across the internet, we couldn’t disagree more with a now-retracted opinion piece that...

What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

...Let’s look at each of these as they pertain to early childhood outdoor learning environments. Tactile Experiences As infants, we begin to explore being alive by taking things into our...

Nature-Based Preschool National Conference Resources

...of Young Children: Revised Criteria and Guidance for Assessment North American Association for Environmental Education: Guidelines for Excellence: Early Childhood Environmental Education Programs Safety Resources: Consumer Product Safety Commission: Public...

Architecture Linked to Improved Academic Performance

...Positive Trend Between Quality Design and School Performance Personal stories aside, the data on the value of high-quality early childhood education is extensive and conclusive: there is a growing body...

Pragmatic Generosity

...out of Prague, we stopped in the tiny farm town of Dobrin. I had seen pictures of what looked like an intriguing Early Childhood School on an architecture blog, and...

The Meaning and Purpose of Scale

...early childhood education. To these young people, everything is a miracle – trees are so tall, the school building is so big, the books are so heavy. With vast imaginations...

What Is a Playground For?

...the highest possible levels of safety. 2. Learning It is no surprise that virtually every early childhood pedagogy shares engagement with nature and the outdoors as a foundational tenet. Children...