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Introducing the New Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center

years-long process to better prepare the community’s young learners, who are routinely underprepared for elementary school. It includes an innovative prototype classroom originated by SHP’s PK-12 Education Studio, which features...

A Turning Point in the 2030 Commitment

It will really take a combination of four factors: Clients becoming more interested in carbon emission reduction and energy efficiency than in quick payback models. The cost of energy –...

Innovation on a Budget

unworkable. However, with some creative design thinking and careful planning, sometimes these parcels can work quite well. In addition, situating a school near urban resources, such as museums and businesses,...

3D Scans and X-Ray Vision

clients have moved into a space that SHP designed (Click here for a behind-the-scenes view into SHP’s very own Cincinnati headquarters). On one recent project, our team took a Matterport...