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Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

...an educational vision that incorporates the history, goals and vision for a particular space, the same can be done for higher education. There’s always a place for historical context. Within...

Introducing the New Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center

...years-long process to better prepare the community’s young learners, who are routinely underprepared for elementary school. It includes an innovative prototype classroom originated by SHP’s PK-12 Education Studio, which features...

Dover High School Wins National Design Award

SHP announced today that one of its recent projects, Dover High School in the Dover City School District, was awarded a grand prize in the Architectural and Interior Design Awards...

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

...educational visioning process includes reviews of key trends shaping education, so your team has a common framework and language for discussing your specific future needs. Additional data for review is...

How Healthy is Your Building?

...originally based in workplace design,” says Annie, who sees potential in applying the program’s rigorous standards to other environments, including schools. “WELL just came out with revised standards that I’m...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

buildings, we engage in similar client and end-user engagement and research for all SHP Leading Design projects, including education and workplace design. Dedicating time and resources to understanding our client...

Four from SHP Receive ALEP Designation

performance and identify those in the educational environment industry who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of educational facility planning. The Association for Learning Environments (A4LE, formerly known as...
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