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Dover High School Wins National Design Award

of Excellence, an annual competition sponsored by Learning by Design magazine. Learning by Design is a highly regarded national trade publication celebrating education design and innovation excellence. The nearly 180,000-square-foot...

More Than a Mascot: Why School Branding Is Important

...of SHP’s early rebranding projects took place in Deer Park, Ohio. When we signed on to work with Deer Park Community City Schools, school district administrators, staff and the community-at-large...

From One Superintendent to Another

...get more insight into the obstacles—and opportunities—today’s school superintendents face, we turned to our very own Frank Forsthoefel. He currently serves as an education specialist with SHP—but prior to joining...

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

brought in via surveys and focus groups among stakeholders. Josh Predovich leading a community advisory team at Greenon LSD. The core of SHP’s educational visioning process is a robust, engaging...