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Breathing Easier at Northwest Local Schools

...on the market. “Working on these projects has been homecoming of sorts for me,” said Jacob. “One of my first projects when I was hired at SHP was to design...

From One Superintendent to Another

SHP, Frank served as the superintendent of Sycamore Community Schools for six years. Leveraging his firsthand knowledge, Frank outlined six key elements for what it takes for a superintendent to...

Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

...on higher education spaces, but one thing still struck me as clear: the needs of higher education, while nuanced, aren’t as different from the needs of P12 spaces—and even corporate...

The Only Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It

Education, as well as experiential, project-based, service-based and individualized learning pedagogies. Yet the pandemic also demonstrated that we—that is, everyone invested and involved in supporting an educational community—need to think...

Why Every School Should Have a Sensory Space

...overwhelmed and anxious. Imagine a dedicated space within each school specifically designed to allow students to either release or pull in emotional energy. Known as sensory spaces (also known as...

Enriching Education Through Interior Design

be a mistake, according to SHP interior designer, Katy Goettl. “Our educational clients’ project budgets are often strict, and eventually, decisions have to be made to keep a project within...