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Building Better Brains

...country. Environment: The Third Teacher One final point: In every study I have seen, a clear distinction is made between early childhood education and Quality Early Childhood Education. This is...

Learnings from The Arlitt Studio Project

The Arlitt Center for Education, Research and Sustainability is part of the School of Education within the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services at the University of Cincinnati....

Breathing Easier at Northwest Local Schools

...or get an education. For parents and students in the Northwest Local School District , that last decision just got a little easier. The district engaged SHP to engineer several...

Why Every School Should Have a Sensory Space

...National Council for Special Education, a sensory space is a designated area within a school that can support a student’s sensory preferences and needs. It is a space that aims...

From One Superintendent to Another

...get more insight into the obstacles—and opportunities—today’s school superintendents face, we turned to our very own Frank Forsthoefel. He currently serves as an education specialist with SHP—but prior to joining...