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Well Design at Work

...for relationship well-being. 3. Psychologically well: Mental fortitude and reasoning ability; The Mind. This is an area of great fascination involving workplace design. How do we, in what we design...

The Future of Workplace Learning

also been linked to workplace design, and it’s been suggested that workplace design can have an impact on the attractiveness of employers to potential job candidates. Likewise, professional development opportunities...

What the Debate Between Open and Closed Offices Gets Wrong

...deeply flawed. Limitation Two: Design strategy should control for personal biases Workplace design, when done correctly, is a strategic process that sets the foundation for company culture, identity and interaction.Workplace...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

...buildings, we engage in similar client and end-user engagement and research for all SHP Leading Design projects, including education and workplace design. Dedicating time and resources to understanding our client...

SHPodcast: 2021 Workplace Design Takeaways

...going back to the way it was – employees have experienced the benefits of flexibility, autonomy and personal accountability. To respond to these forces, employee engagement and workplace strategy should...

How Healthy is Your Building?

...originally based in workplace design,” says Annie, who sees potential in applying the program’s rigorous standards to other environments, including schools. “WELL just came out with revised standards that I’m...