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A Look Inside Chillicothe City Schools

“The spaces are rather messy. This makes the designers happy!” observed SHP’s Jenny Gallow during a recent visit to Chillicothe Intermediate School. But why would a chaotic and crowded ELA...

More Than a Mascot: Why School Branding Is Important

of SHP’s early rebranding projects took place in Deer Park, Ohio. When we signed on to work with Deer Park Community City Schools, school district administrators, staff and the community-at-large...

From One Superintendent to Another

SHP, Frank served as the superintendent of Sycamore Community Schools for six years. Leveraging his firsthand knowledge, Frank outlined six key elements for what it takes for a superintendent to...

Digging into the Details: Involving the Community

...Advisory Team (CAT). Each CAT, which consists of 20-70 stakeholders, is invited to listen to a short presentation, including what the new school will look like, its location and more....

Future Proofing the New Dover High School

biggest difference? Dover City Schools had SHP on its side. “It wasn’t just that the building was old,” explained SHP Director of Visioning, Jeff Parker. “It’s that it didn’t work...