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Greg Lewis Joins SHP as Design Leader

the future.” About SHP Leading Design: As a national educational design expert, SHP Leading Design offers a complete line of planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction administration and facilities management...
Press Release

The Only Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It

Education, as well as experiential, project-based, service-based and individualized learning pedagogies. Yet the pandemic also demonstrated that we—that is, everyone invested and involved in supporting an educational community—need to think...

Early Innovation for Early Learners

A Brief History of Early Childhood Education An ideal space for Early Childhood Education is fundamentally different from spaces designed for older kids. It feels obvious that this would be...

The Ten Design Principles of Expeditionary Learning

educational delivery model to reimagine learning environments and to instill a love for learning in students. The EL pedagogy was conceived in 1991 via a collaboration between the Harvard Graduate...