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Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

...an educational vision that incorporates the history, goals and vision for a particular space, the same can be done for higher education. There’s always a place for historical context. Within...

What is Vitaegogy and Why is it Important?

SHP leader Lauren Della Bella has spent much of the last two years advancing the 9 Billion Schools movement. A central tenet to that movement is vitaegogy, a whole-person answer...

Are Makerspaces this Generation’s Computer Lab?

I recently had the opportunity to speak at EdSpaces, a conference focused on designing, equipping and furnishing learning environments. While there, I heard another speaker, Dr. Robert Dillon, pose an...

How Much Is This Gonna Cost?

...of the process are: Education: educational purpose, vision and future flexibility Facilities: current and future conditions, capacity, flexibility, site soil, utility and traffic considerations, and energy and maintenance costs Finance:...