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What is Vitaegogy and Why is it Important?

SHP leader Lauren Della Bella has spent much of the last two years advancing the 9 Billion Schools movement. A central tenet to that movement is vitaegogy, a whole-person answer...

Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...discussion that is crucial: the problem with automation isn’t the loss of jobs, but the loss of a certain type of jobs. Mainly, those that require less education. After all,...

Our Story

...have on the life-long, life-wide and life-deep (what we call L3) learning journey. In fact, we recently wrote a book, 9 Billion Schools, recognizing that there will soon be 9...

GUEST POST: Understanding Life-Deep Learning

...student at Miami University, to share her insights on the importance of diving deep into a subject to better understand our world. Read more on the 9 Billion Schools blog....