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The 2030 Challenge

...urbanism by providing new design and retrofit models to help communities realize low-carbon development. This educational series seeks to bring best practices and implementation strategies to bear for communities of...

Supporting Recruitment, Reflecting Tradition

...best talent. To address these needs, Miami University’s athletic department turned to SHP Leading Design. Their charge: design a leading-edge space that meshes perfectly with the campus’s distinctive architectural style....
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Developing Brand Through Facility Design

...retention. When the college looked to expand its environmental and engineering technology, energy, information technology and allied health programs, it turned to SHP Leading Design to design a new facility....
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This Election Day, and Always, Every Vote Counts

By Jerry Clark, former Superintendent of Piqua City Schools in Piqua, Ohio and current Business Development Manager at SHP. While most people are glad to see the 2016 election cycle...

Autos vs. Architecture

For weeks now the Obama campaign has been running an ad about 1M auto industry jobs saved. It’s an effective ad, but every time I see it I can’t help...