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Three Lessons for Libraries

...campaign—converting voters into a firm YES—is a challenging, time-consuming process. We know what you’re probably thinking: “I’ve spent my entire career running libraries and now I’m being asked to run...

The Ever-Changing World Of Classroom Technology

A few weeks ago I wrote about 21st century learning environment “jargon” being used in the marketplace. Obviously those terms go hand in hand with classroom technology. With school starting...

Building Sustainable Spaces in Schools

...evolve, most recently with an increased focus on the inclusion of building spaces—especially those where we spend large amounts of our daily time, like at work and school—that promote the...

Indoor Air Quality and Missing School

...student, to the schools and ultimately to society at large, installing, operating and maintaining an effective air quality system is a very good investment.   [1] Kerr, Price, Kotch, Willis,...