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Greg Lewis Joins SHP as Design Leader

...services. With more than 114 years of experience, the firm is committed to leading the community in innovative and sustainable architectural design. SHP has offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio...
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Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...see people starving. I don’t think lack of money is the problem. It’s a lack of dignity, glue for a community, meaning, purpose in life… things that a job is...

Building Sustainable Spaces in Schools

...with their community-driven, collaborative processes that also have certain unique state requirements and goals. Yet there’s still a lot of misunderstanding of what exactly sustainability is and how it can...

Approaches to Early Learning: High/Scope

...and their teacher as they navigate the challenges that life throws at them. Finally, a high priority is placed on the development of a sense of community and fostering friendships...

The Age of the Neo-Traditional Student

...cutting the mustard when it comes to ensuring the Neo-traditional student success throughout their education and after. Several universities and community colleges are making bold commitments to their Neo-traditional student...

The History of Overcrowded College Dorms

...halls were morphing into quickly and inexpensively constructed, modernist high-rises that more often isolated students than brought them together. Foregoing that trend, today’s residence halls are far more community-oriented. Many...