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The Top Five Benefits of School Consolidation

educational requirements. Continuity In addition to being inconsistent with some programs, there was also no continuity with some of the rules and regulations. There were seven different Student-Parent Handbooks at...

Approaches to Early Learning: High/Scope

Early learning strategies are as varied as they are innovative. Over the course of several posts, we’re taking a step back to examine the core characteristics of the many pedagogical...

Schools and the Future of Work

Education Week recently released a multi-part special report on the future of work that shares sobering stories on many things SHP has long-been advocating: the need for school systems designed...

What Does Your Playground Look Like?

designing outdoor spaces, perspective is very important. But I’m not just talking perspective in the literal, what-does-the-playground-look-like-from-the-southeast-corner-looking northwest sense of the word. I’m talking about point of view perspective: the...