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Smartphones may be changing the way we think

Pause for a second and take a journey back to your grade school math class. As a student learning basic arithmetic–or maybe even rudimentary algebra–you very likely heard your teachers...

Going Green

...reduces a facility’s environmental impact but also maximizes its performance, reduces life cycle and utility costs and creates a healthier educational environment that is ideal for learning. While school administrators...
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Permanent Improvements Through Partnership

...disasters or accidents, there are many ways SHP can help our clients prepare for this work. Our SHP team is able to assist with permanent improvements by providing sound, professional...

This Election Day, and Always, Every Vote Counts

By Jerry Clark, former Superintendent of Piqua City Schools in Piqua, Ohio and current Business Development Manager at SHP. While most people are glad to see the 2016 election cycle...


I’ve been told I can be kind of a font snob. I’ll admit it. I am. I have a copy of the movie Helvetica at home. Yes, it’s a movie...

A Preview of the Year Ahead for AIA Cincinnati

...means to be an architect. I’m so excited to guide AIA further down this path. Want to discuss this further? Email me at jsackenheim@shp.com. I promise you won’t be disappointed....