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Tom Fernandez’s Advice for Up-and-Coming Architects

...in my professional life.” Get involved. “Participation in professional associations and community volunteerism both offer great exposure to people, companies and organizations—who’s doing what, what’s coming up, where things are...

Approaches to Early Learning: High/Scope

...and their teacher as they navigate the challenges that life throws at them. Finally, a high priority is placed on the development of a sense of community and fostering friendships...

The History of Overcrowded College Dorms

...halls were morphing into quickly and inexpensively constructed, modernist high-rises that more often isolated students than brought them together. Foregoing that trend, today’s residence halls are far more community-oriented. Many...

My Passion: The Value of Outdoor Learning

...design. What if we design with inquisitive minds? Begin with a Tree Every design is different: needs and wants of the school community, the site and budget are among the...

Designing for Architects at BGSU

...the following: Catalysts for collaboration; Ubiquitous flexible learning and teaching environments; Spaces that instruct by example; Engage with the community. Our design process was iterative; winnowing the numerous conceptual designs...