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Approaches to Early Learning: Reggio Emilia

pivotal. It’s not just a place to simply consume a quick midday meal, and care is taken to make the kitchen accessible for the young learners it serves. Counters and...

Approaches to Early Learning: Montessori

guidance on an as-needed basis or to ensure proper utilization of each of a diversity of carefully designed “works.” In Montessori Education, the learning environment includes various objects and works...

What exactly is Energy Star?

...meet, Energy Star takes a more subjective approach. Properties are categorized based on their usage type (educational, institutional, healthcare, etc) and then their energy usage is compared to similar building...

Designing for Architects at BGSU

gaining helpful feedback from peers and professors. One of the most rewarding aspects of this project was the opportunity to work in conjunction with the BGSU Architecture program and the...

Beyond Expectations

done within the budget, and in fact, was delivered beyond all expectations,” but that is what SHP heard about our work on the new Department of Architecture for Bowling Green...
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Learning innovation in the digital age

...to signify that the bearer has completed coursework and training on a specific topic. Micro-credentialing and digital badging, like this Microsoft program, allows learning to take place at any time,...

A Preview of the Year Ahead for AIA Cincinnati

services to our local membership. We took a hard look at programming and continuing education opportunities over the last several years. We have tried to offer content that appeals to...

What Does Your Playground Look Like?

designing outdoor spaces, perspective is very important. But I’m not just talking perspective in the literal, what-does-the-playground-look-like-from-the-southeast-corner-looking northwest sense of the word. I’m talking about point of view perspective: the...