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How Virtual Reality is Changing Our Design Communication

Virtual Reality, or VR as it’s commonly called, is becoming the new “it” thing for the future of interactive media. […]

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This Election Day, and Always, Every Vote Counts

While most people are glad to see the 2016 election cycle come to a close, there is one aspect we all can agree on: this election has energized voter participation.  During my 45 years of working in Ohio schools, I was involved in dozens of school campaigns and understand the “every vote counts” battle cry. Two experiences particularly come to mind.

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What exactly is Energy Star?

Energy Star.  That little blue logo you may recall seeing on your dishwasher, refrigerator, or water heater.  What is it […]

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7 Valuable Lessons from ImaginationLAB Norwood

Every day at SHP, our team collaborates to deliver holistic, dynamic and innovative designs. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we are proud partners with the Imagination Foundation, whose vision is to educate all children to be creative thinkers and doers while encouraging entrepreneurial ideas in the classroom.

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Is Lead in Drinking Water an Issue? What you may not know.

Many Americans became more aware of the issue of lead in water after the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. It began in April 2014 after Flint officials changed its source of water from the treated Detroit Water and Sewage Department to the Flint River. The corrosive Flint River water caused lead to leach from the aging piping infrastructure and resulted in high levels of lead in the drinking water.

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Life Goals: Education and Experience

As a teenager I developed a desire to study and work in the Architecture field, and set up a number of goals to help place me in the position to do so. Searching for schools which would provide the best experience related to my goals, I found the University of Cincinnati. In the University of Cincinnati’s college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, students are encouraged to integrate experience into their education through a rotation of co-op semesters.

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Guest Blog: City Space – Height and Hierarchy

How does an individual define what is important? And how does an individual assign value, particularly to objects or space?  For some, the higher the cost of an object, the more valuable it is. For others, the frequency of a space or an object’s use implies importance.

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Design LAB 2016 with “Architect Mike”

In my experience as an architect, it is not a common occurrence to walk into a crowded room and have everyone immediately stop what they’re doing to announce and celebrate your arrival. However, every Thursday for the past four months, that is exactly the type of greeting I’ve had the pleasure of receiving when visiting Ms. Tiffani Wills’ first and second grade class at Pleasant Ridge Montessori School as a volunteer with the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati’s Design LAB: Learn and Build program.

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BGSU’s School of Architecture Lands Magazine Cover

Bowling Green State University’s new home for the School of Architecture and Environmental Design was featured on the cover of School Construction News in their June 2016 issue. The two photos showcase a collaboration space for the students as well as a flexible conference room area.

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