Three Strategies for Improving Infectious Disease Control through Indoor Air Quality

Since COVID-19 hit, it seems building owners, facility managers and even the general public have become more aware of how important mechanical systems are to the overall health of our buildings. SHP’s engineering team predicts a stronger emphasis on creating healthier indoor environments, indoor air quality & more sophisticated mechanical systems.
July 16, 2020 - Article

The Pandemic Through a Liberal-Arts Lens

As the coronavirus drives students apart, one college devises a course to keep them together. This kind of disruptive, real-time addition to the course catalog is exactly the kind of innovation higher ed should embrace!
July 6, 2020 - Article

How Students Benefit from a School Reopening Plan Designed for Those at the Margins

With the rapid switch to distance learning during the coronavirus crisis, some schools have struggled to serve students who are at the margins. It's one of the reasons Educational Visioning is so important: inclusive design principles offer a valuable way to reimagine educational spaces, not just during COVID-19, but well into the future.
July 6, 2020 - Article

Community Colleges: One Path to a Better America

Community colleges have been seen as a distant second to four-year colleges, but for so many, two-year degrees represent an important path to a better life. Properly funded, they can make our workforce stronger and our society more just.   
June 30, 2020 - Article