Vic Keykens

Construction Field Representative

Victor Keykens, or Vic as he’s known in the office, is a construction field representative and has been with SHP for over six years. He spends his days visiting project sites to coordinate with contractors and reviewing the construction for compliance with SHP project documents. Though he enjoys this part of the gig, Vic finds the most joy in the people working around him.

Prior to joining SHP, Vic spent over 40 years working in the construction industry, and has garnered a great deal of experience including various K-12 construction projects, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential.

My favorite part of working at SHP is hands-down the people,” said Vic. “Everyday I am surrounded by contractors, owners, and co-workers who all have the same goal in mind: to produce a quality product we're all proud of. It's a really special environment.