MaKayla Reichert

Marketing Coordinator

As marketing coordinator, MaKayla Reichert does much more than simply promoting SHP’s services and brand. She is proud that her work supports SHP’s initiatives to create better educational experiences for those in her community.

MaKayla has achieved a lot in her time with SHP, but she is most proud of SHP’s Artswave display, which she designed in February 2020. The theme was “Dive Deeper” and the display board was a submarine with portholes. The largest one was about 4 feet in diameter and it is currently hanging in MaKayla’s apartment.

I grew up with educator parents and their educator friends. I have always understood the value of a great education, but also the challenges teachers and administrators face to deliver great education,” said MaKayla. “I didn't necessarily intend to work for an architecture firm that specializes in educational spaces, but I feel very attached to the work and the goals SHP has set out to accomplish."