Liz Bevis

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant Liz Bevis is the glue that holds our office together. She is responsible for organizing and maintaining the physical space, managing and ordering supplies, troubleshooting problems as they arise, and of course dropping what she is doing to help individuals with whatever they need to complete projects. 

Liz’s passion for her current career stems from her passion for education. As a former educator in her own right, Liz understands the importance of lifelong learning and how it can change the lives of so many people. To Liz, knowledge is something you never stop pursuing, and her attitude is infectious.

I believe that having empathy for others is so important, both in and outside of the office,” said Liz. “Trying to understand where others are coming from by putting yourself in their ‘shoes’ helps us understand that everyone has unique needs and perspectives so that we can come together as a community and do excellent work.