Daryn Meadows

Mechanical Engineer

Daryn spent several years fine-tuning his craft as an engineer and achieved E.I.T status, before joining SHP, where he is responsible for the creation and completion of various plumbing project designs. This typically includes specifying plumbing equipment, performing calculations and much more. 

While this may seem tedious and time-consuming to some, Daryn looks at his job like he is solving puzzles all day long. He loves the feeling of having completed a task, and finally getting to bask in the glory of his hard work.

At work, we are a team, working together to provide the best solution for our client,” says mechanical engineer, Daryn Meadows. “This includes SHP employees, consultants, contractors — everyone on the project team. We are one group working toward the same goal, and when treated as such, allows work to progress quicker and more efficiently.