Dan Behnfeldt

Senior Project Architect

Here at SHP, we pride ourselves on generating creative solutions to complex problems and the dedication we have to making our community a better place. This certainly holds for senior project architect Dan Behnfeldt. Dan has been a project architect with us for over two years and is primarily responsible for making sure projects proceed with the design intent in mind and that the clients are elated with the results.

Before joining the SHP Team, Dan spent several years gaining knowledge and experience that has well-prepared him for the position he currently holds. Now, he has established himself as one of our most valuable team members and has even led some of our most unforgettable projects, such as the renovation of the first Black Officers Club at Ft. Leonard and the new SLSD Jr School.

I love my job because I know that every day will always be different, that I'll continue to learn new things and have new experiences all along the way,” said Dan. “I can rest easy knowing we as a team will work through an issue in a positive way even when there does not seem to be a good solution.