Abdullah Gerasimov

Project Designer

In his current role as a project designer, “Abdullah” Maksym Gerasimov spends his time assisting both the project architect and project manager with day-to-day activities such as building design and modeling, drafting and troubleshooting, among other tasks.

Passion for the architectural industry is a constant in Adbullah’s life, whether he is at work or in his leisure time. He loves the idea of bettering himself by becoming a lifelong learner and is keen to learn more about his profession and other disciplines with the goal of producing better quality work that suits the needs of our clients.

Abdullah has been a wonderful addition to our design team,” said SHP president Lauren Della Bella. “He is a rare find, in that he truly cares about getting the job done and getting it done right. He takes his job personally, which has led him to great success thus far.