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Outdoor Learning Should Engage All Five Senses

...things, playgrounds provide an opportunity for children to learn teamwork, build social connections, examine patterns and experiment with cause and effect. The best outdoor learning spaces engage all five senses—seeing,...

Sticks and Stones: Uses in Outdoor Ed

...few ways to keep the “outdoor” in outdoor learning. Sticks… When a big storm blows through town and rattles loose branches and twigs from the trees, very often, I find...

Five Ways to Reimagine Boundaries

...new and different ways. That means finding opportunities to make every surface – even the secure boundary, like fences and walls – part of the outdoor learning environment. If the...

My Passion: The Value of Outdoor Learning

...inquisitive… which is what learning is all about. A secure freedom to be wholly themselves. Special Outdoor Spaces My dream outdoor learning spaces are those that allow play, learning and...

What Is a Playground For?

...to connect with nature and one another directly, and facilitate those connections through interactions with materials, both natural and manmade. There are many ways of thinking about the outdoor learning...