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Today’s Assignment: Design Your New School!

Pedagogical trends, such as project-based (PBL) and personalized learning, require dynamic, engaging schools that support student-driven education. Therefore, student input is critical to how facilities are designed, built and operate....

Dover High School Wins National Design Award

SHP announced today that one of its recent projects, Dover High School in the Dover City School District, was awarded a grand prize in the Architectural and Interior Design...

SHPodcast: Top Takeaways from SXSW EDU

In March, three SHPers attended SXSW EDU to immerse themselves in the pressing issues, big ideas, forthcoming innovations and opportunities facing educators and administrators from pre-school to college. In our...

The Pandemic and the Pivot

Sycamore Community Schools is a 5,600-student school district currently undergoing a nearly $130 million master plan that will see four new schools constructed or renovated by 2023. The design process...