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Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

...on higher education spaces, but one thing still struck me as clear: the needs of higher education, while nuanced, aren’t as different from the needs of P12 spaces—and even corporate...

The Pandemic Through a Liberal-Arts Lens

...summer source for first-year students. The four-week course illustrates what higher ed can accomplish when it leverages collaboration, expertise and generosity. The course’s four models cover the socially, economically, politically...

The History of Overcrowded College Dorms

...is often temporary, it doesn’t do much to calm the frustration felt by all. With student success at the core of every higher education institution’s strategic mission, on-campus housing remains...

Three Big Takeaways from our SCUP Coffee Chat

...due to COVID-19. Many have adapted to fit the new, mostly digital landscape. One business that has been affected, possibly more so than any, is higher education. Colleges and universities...

The Age of the Neo-Traditional Student

The rapid evolution of the “non-traditional” student in higher education presents a situation where it’s time to consider whether we should reframe our assessment of the University structure as it...

Community Colleges: One Path to a Better America

The horrific death of George Floyd has most everyone thinking about how we can make our country more equitable for all . There are, unfortunately, no shortage of systemic shortcomings...

Surviving and Thriving for 120 Years

These days, it’s hard to fathom much lasting for four generations—longer, depending on who’s counting. And yet, here we are. One hundred twenty years. SHP has been in business for...