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Employee Spotlight: Clayton Milner, Engineer

...someone so early in his career! Clayton has been in the engineering department at SHP since January 2019, where he was a part of our co-op program for one year....

Happy 5th Anniversary to Jacob Faiola

Fun, Efficient, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Passionate “I find creative solutions to produce building designs that perfectly balance conflicting criteria and it’s the best job in the world,” says Jacob Faiola. At...

Surviving and Thriving for 120 Years

...community, and Oxford’s Lane Library is no exception. SHP provided architecture, MEP engineering and interior design for a community-inspired facility as part of a planned town development. The diversity of...

Designing HVAC Systems to Last in Schools

I feel very fortunate to work with education clients to make improvements to their buildings that range from 15 to 100+ years old. Each of these buildings boast a different...