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SHP Considered for Two SXSWedu 2019 Panels

...districts can use some of the same data that powers national election campaigns to help garner support and enthusiasm for school ballot initiatives. VOTE NOW FOR THIS SCHOOL CAMPAIGNS PANEL....

From One Superintendent to Another

...have not had kids in the school system for 20+ years. It’s important to include them for two main reasons. Their tax-dollars support local schools This group, especially in suburban...

Dover High School Wins National Design Award

SHP announced today that one of its recent projects, Dover High School in the Dover City School District, was awarded a grand prize in the Architectural and Interior Design Awards...

Today’s Assignment: Design Your New School!

today’s classroom assignment should be an invitation: design your new school! Winton Woods School District in Cincinnati transitioned to PBL 10 years ago, and this year, opened two new campuses...

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

...school or district’s vision and describes the sorts of facilities required to support the future learning you hope to achieve. As you contemplate how COVID has altered your school or...

(Re)Defining Common Spaces: High School Auditorium Design

provide only marginal support for auditorium, theater or performances spaces. So why has the high school theater gained prominence? One auditorium, many learning opportunities Renewed enthusiasm for high school performances...