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Are Makerspaces this Generation’s Computer Lab?

...interesting question: “Are makerspaces this generation’s computer labs?” Could makerspaces soon become extinct? My initial response as a maker was “No way!” But, after some consideration, I think this idea...

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

...educational visioning process includes reviews of key trends shaping education, so your team has a common framework and language for discussing your specific future needs. Additional data for review is...

Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

...on higher education spaces, but one thing still struck me as clear: the needs of higher education, while nuanced, aren’t as different from the needs of P12 spaces—and even corporate...

The Only Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It

Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It, we dive into three questions shaping the future of education. Here they are. Will school communities revert to traditional educational methods,...

Today’s Assignment: Design Your New School!

that reflect its innovative approach to education. But the district didn’t get there alone. SHP and our clients at Winton Woods were recently invited to share how the district’s educational...

Future Proofing the New Dover High School

...for modern education. The people of Dover needed a school that promoted teaching to their kids the way they needed to learn.” The new Dover High School delivers an open,...

Enriching Education Through Interior Design

...this translates to intentionally designing for people with disabilities, different learning styles, pedagogies and educational philosophies, and even individual teaching styles. “We often say that the educational delivery method drives...