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Putting the Early in Early Childhood Education

How early is too early for early childhood education? I’ll let you in on a secret—it’s a trick question. Because, as the saying goes, we are born learning! This common...

SHP Considered for Two SXSWedu 2019 Panels

District has implemented project-based learning, SHP has helped plan new facilities with an educational visioning method that allows students, parents, teachers and administrators to come together to plan a school...

Early Innovation for Early Learners

A Brief History of Early Childhood Education An ideal space for Early Childhood Education is fundamentally different from spaces designed for older kids. It feels obvious that this would be...

Building Better Brains

...country. Environment: The Third Teacher One final point: In every study I have seen, a clear distinction is made between early childhood education and Quality Early Childhood Education. This is...

Architecture Linked to Improved Academic Performance

...Positive Trend Between Quality Design and School Performance Personal stories aside, the data on the value of high-quality early childhood education is extensive and conclusive: there is a growing body...