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Enriching Education Through Interior Design

...be a mistake, according to SHP interior designer, Katy Goettl. “Our educational clients’ project budgets are often strict, and eventually, decisions have to be made to keep a project within...

Greg Lewis Joins SHP as Design Leader

the future.” About SHP Leading Design: As a national educational design expert, SHP Leading Design offers a complete line of planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction administration and facilities management...
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(Re)Defining Common Spaces: High School Auditorium Design

...ability to design sophisticated sound systems; theater consultants who are familiar with the needs of multipurpose spaces; and engineering consultants with prior theater experience. All must have the enthusiasm to...

Expect The Unexpected

additional classroom space. However, our engineering team quickly realized that the generator they had in place would not work as intended. SHP explained to its client that the problem lies...

Technology in Design: 3D Printing at SHP

The following is a guest blog written by an SHP architecture co-op, Joshua Walker. As a current architecture student, I am most impressed with SHP’s focus on using the latest...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

SHP Leading Design dedicates significant effort and resources to understanding our clients and the end users for each project. When it comes to community buildings, reaching beyond our clients to...