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The Future of Workplace Learning

...Canada—there are five trends currently being tackled in workplace learning. But the one that caught my eye was this: proving the value of workplace learning to learners, while important, is...

Designing for Workplace Learning

...I found myself drawn to data on workplace learning. In the last two years, 83 to 84 percent of business respondents ranked workplace training, development and learning as either important...

A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

...throughout the nearly 13,000-square-foot space—our design solution helps foster a sense of community and avoids any feelings of isolation. In addition, there are a host of “Zoom Rooms” that make...

Shifting Workplace Strategy from Hybrid to Ecosystem

...hybrid thinking. I like an alternate designation for the future workplace: an “ecosystem.” This workplace strategy embraces the values of a community interacting dynamically with its environment. A woodland with...