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A Turning Point in the 2030 Commitment

...governments – when aware of a problem and concerned with fixing it – can change the course of the issue. As a design community, we have a responsibility to advocate...

Changes Coming to Workplace Strategy and Design

Workplaces around the globe have been forced to rethink their workspaces in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work policies and procedures, offices and conference rooms sitting empty, Zoom meetings!...

Four from SHP Receive ALEP Designation

...group of professionals with one single goal: building healthy, safe, high performance and sustainable learning environments that enhance student and teacher performance and support culture and community vitality. To learn...
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Greg Lewis Joins SHP as Design Leader

...services. With more than 114 years of experience, the firm is committed to leading the community in innovative and sustainable architectural design. SHP has offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio...
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An Irresistible School: The Ridgemont Story

...story offers many lessons for anyone looking to improve their schools and their community. SHP has just published a book about this journey: IRRESISTIBLE, A story of how passionate leadership...