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Engaging the Public in Community Projects

understand the needs and desires of community members is especially important. Since area residents are the end users for projects like libraries, parks and community centers, we take special care...

From Around the Web: Libraries are Magical

see the beauty in form and function showcased by so many libraries. Libraries are a cultural time capsule. Just as the contents of a library house the discourse and knowledge...

Filling a Critical Gap

the career tech (CTE) and community college level. Career tech schools and community colleges have the agility needed to adjust to changing workforce development and career demands and are well...

Pragmatic Generosity

...wealthy nor ostentatious. Hard-working people contributed a great deal to make a special place for the children of the community. Members of the community continue to invest their time and...

Beyond the Building

...center point of a community. They are the community. What community attraction has more opportunity than a school to improve quality of life, increase home values and make its surrounding...

Designing a Modern Space for a Traditional Building

...a community technology center, delivering a reimagined space with the following features: A designated quiet zone. As libraries in general are becoming more collaborative community hubs, their traditional role as...