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The Pandemic and the Pivot

engaged in educational visioning to evaluate the current shifts occurring in education, clarify what the future of education looked like for the district and what facilities would be needed to...

From One Superintendent to Another

...get more insight into the obstacles—and opportunities—today’s school superintendents face, we turned to our very own Frank Forsthoefel. He currently serves as an education specialist with SHP—but prior to joining...

Putting the Early in Early Childhood Education

would be sent to school only to be placed in a desk—I would have to agree with the sentiment I overheard. Early childhood education involves experimentation through play Young children...

Introducing the New Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center

years-long process to better prepare the community’s young learners, who are routinely underprepared for elementary school. It includes an innovative prototype classroom originated by SHP’s PK-12 Education Studio, which features...

SHP Considered for Two SXSWedu 2019 Panels

District has implemented project-based learning, SHP has helped plan new facilities with an educational visioning method that allows students, parents, teachers and administrators to come together to plan a school...