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The Pandemic and the Pivot

the best long-term use of the community’s resources. Ultimately, the district identified a need for future-ready, modern learning spaces that would better serve students, families and the community, steward the...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

sessions offer opportunities for more conversation and team-based work. Community action teams: In partnership with the client, we assemble community action teams comprised of community and business leaders who provide...

Filling a Critical Gap

the career tech (CTE) and community college level. Career tech schools and community colleges have the agility needed to adjust to changing workforce development and career demands and are well...

Community Colleges: One Path to a Better America

...right direction: more state and federal funding for community colleges. Community colleges have long been seen by many of our political leaders and policymakers as a second, if not distant...

Three Lessons for Libraries

childhood spaces or collaborative, flexible meeting spaces, we ensure facilities are community-focused, future-ready and adaptable enough to meet the unique needs of both the community and a rapidly changing world....