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The Power and Promise of Work-Integrated Learning

many adults seeking to reskill and upskill. That’s why work-integrated learning is no longer a second-class citizen in the realm of education. These days, it’s not the least bit unusual...

COVID-19: An Opening for CTE to Take the Mantle

...focus on ‘college for all’ has re­sulted in a severe mismatch with the needs of industry, leading not only to severe shortages of needed workers but a lack of opportunity...

Community Colleges: One Path to a Better America

in our society that fuel racism and inequality. There’s so much in need of repair and, in some cases, to be dismantled and reimagined. Given the transformative power of education...

Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

on higher education spaces, but one thing still struck me as clear: the needs of higher education, while nuanced, aren’t as different from the needs of P12 spaces—and even corporate...

Five Spaces That Advance Student-Centered Learning

shared collaboration zones—within their respective wings. The co-working spaces consist of assigned desks in centrally located, highly transparent spots, oriented and with appropriate resources to encourage collaboration and interaction.  ...

The Class of 2033: A Series Introduction

recent years, K-12 education has been in the midst of monumental change. From student-directed learning and flipped classrooms to an emphasis on emotional intelligence, education has been reshaped in the...

A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

a Learning-Centered Workplace. As an organization deeply committed to the power of personalized, lifelong learning, KnowledgeWorks needed its workplace to both enable and encourage the discovery and sharing of knowledge....