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Designing for Workplace Learning

...that is intentionally using design thinking to meet employee learning in the workplace? Have you seen successful examples of how businesses can incorporate learning into everyday workplace tasks? Tweet us...

The Future of Workplace Learning

development programs at the point of need, while 42% engage at their office desk (presumably through eLearning courses). Source: LinkedIn: 2017 Workplace Learning Report But what if workplace learning modules...

COVID-19: An Opening for CTE to Take the Mantle

...they would like to get more real-world skills and know-how during high school. In addition, only 11% of business leaders think our current education system effectively prepares students for success...

A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

a Learning-Centered Workplace. As an organization deeply committed to the power of personalized, lifelong learning, KnowledgeWorks needed its workplace to both enable and encourage the discovery and sharing of knowledge....

What the Debate Between Open and Closed Offices Gets Wrong

deeply flawed. Limitation Two: Design strategy should control for personal biases Workplace design, when done correctly, is a strategic process that sets the foundation for company culture, identity and interaction.Workplace...