Jennifer Naylor, Community Outreach & Data Analyst

Knowledgeable, Down to Earth, Kind, Teacher, Empathetic.

Jennifer Naylor is a passionate professional who strives to strategically bring people together and build stronger communities.

As a community outreach and data analyst, Jennifer has been a key member of the SHP team since 2019. In her current role, Jennifer’s primary objective is to empower our clients to make informed decisions and effectively communicate with stakeholders during their facility improvement pursuits. Specializing in the education industry, she typically works with public school districts and local community groups during the pre-design phase of a building project.

Given her authentic and approachable personality, Jennifer has often played the role of teacher to those around her. She works closely with local PACs to ensure they understand the impact of a publicly-funded facility project on their community. She is an expert in developing strategic outreach initiatives that include community polling, crafting targeted messages, and providing guidance for the effective use of communication tools.

Jennifer is also enthusiastic about her own learning. “I regularly attend webinars about how data can be used to understand community narratives and those that share effective communication strategies,” she said. “I am proud to be a seeker of information and am always eager to learn something new.”

With a background in public service, Jennifer understands the value of research, communication, and transparency. In addition to taking great pride in her work with SHP, Jennifer is a passionate advocate for her own community. Her experience in community engagement supports this volunteer work and allows her to bring up-to-date knowledge to the project.

When her career is all said and done, she hopes to have helped bring new school facilities to as many communities as possible.

“I feel fortunate to work doing something I already love to do. I believe it’s important to get involved in my community and strive to make it a better place for everyone.”
– Jennifer Naylor