A Showcase in Advocacy: Kyocera Senco’s New Global Headquarters

At SHP, our dedication to client advocacy goes beyond the standard expectation to put the needs of clients and end users at the forefront. We consider it an ethical imperative to relentlessly advocate for our clients’, and their communities’, best interests. Sometimes, that level of commitment requires honest— and occasionally gutsy—conversations. It also requires us to get even more creative when faced with limitations or roadblocks.

Such was the case when SHP was tapped to expand and renovate the new global headquarters for Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools. When Senco’s leadership approached SHP in 2021, the top organizational priority was to bring corporate and warehouse employees together under one roof for the first time in decades—a plan that would require that the existing industrial manufacturing facility be expanded and renovated to house a new office environment for corporate staff while remaining functional and accessible to the employees working on the manufacturing side.

In the face of multiple challenges (including scheduling issues, budget constraints and supply chain headaches), our team came together to support and wholeheartedly advocate for the client’s best interests. The result? A new space that celebrates the Kyocera Senco brand and meets the needs of the manufacturing company’s corporate and warehouse employees alike. Learn more in our latest case study: Here